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  Author    Poetry of the mentally insane and sad  (currently 4195 views)
Posted on: August 19th, 2005, 9:52am Quote Report to Moderator
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Quoted from riske, posted August 19th, 2005, 4:29am at here
i.ve been dweeling here for more than a year.. this place is relaxing...

It is! 

Here's something I wrote while I was in an odd state..

Far Away

Someone pays the price of money
Cost of time, loss of life
Like a nosebleed in a company file
Machine turns on, doesn't see

Someone turns a corner and dies
Wheel turns on, wheel turns on
Somewhere far away they cry
Tears shed in the dirt for which they long

Somewhere far away..
Somewhere far away..

Cogs in wheels they can't see
Spin on and on
Tools for a machine they'll never be
Not knowing the right from the wrong

Can't blame the soldiers for the wars they fight
Far away it's the men in suits that dictate
Playing chess with bodies far out of sight
They'll get theirs when they're at the pearly gate

Somewhere far away..
Somewhere far, far away..

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Posted on: August 23rd, 2005, 12:07pm Quote Report to Moderator
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It's a lovely idea to have a thread for poetry. Here are a couple of mine.

Somewhere Within Memory

Will you spread my ashes when I am gone from here?
Will you keep my memory and promise to hold it dear?
Will there be a special place for me within your heart?
Will there still be love for me after I depart?

I do not need your sympathy so do not shed a tear.
Just remember though I am gone I shall still be near.
Somewhere within memory is where I shall remain.
But please forget my shadow if it causes too much pain.

Remember me with fondness if your heart shall allow.
And I shall also remember you as I take my final bow.
I leave a battered shell behind with sorrow in my wake.
But know it was not your heart that I had meant to break.

Old McGinty's Bar

God had once told me a story
Said I would only live till forty
Told me that my life had simply been a waste

Well I just laughed and stated
That I had no idea why he waited
If he wanted I would gladly die today

He just stood and watched me sadly
For he knew that I'd die gladly
And my life I would hardly miss at all

He said I cannot help but think I failed you
I don't know what else I can do
Maybe you should never have been born.

I told him that he really shouldn't worry
Cause I wasn't in a hurry
After all I still have a few years left

Besides my life's not the only one been wasted
By those of us who've tasted
Heartache in all its ugly forms

Everyone throughout the ages
Has gone through various stages
Of suffering, anger and remorse

I then handed god beer
Raised my glass and gave a cheer
Here is to the children of the damned!

On the stool beside me sat the devil
Who laughed and said "I'm on the level
Hell really isn't all that bad at all."

So I just drank till I was plastered
Which was a skill that I had mastered
Ever since I started coming to this place

And since this was a night like any other
I thought next time I'd bring another
After all everyone's welcome at Old McGinty's Bar
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Posted on: September 1st, 2005, 5:21am Quote Report to Moderator
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yes mwilkens, i read your poetry on your myspace profile, its good... and easily cured, i like yours because the creativness of actually having to ponder when ryhmning like you do you in your poem... nice work...!
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