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“Shimmering with delicate atmospheres, filled with supple and subtle effects, Perfect Life is indeed nigh-on perfect.”
- Jo-Ann Greene, All Music Guide

“Levinhurst's Perfect Life is an album that shouldn't be missed.”
- Joshua Heinrich, Grave Concerns

“Levinhurst has as much to do with Lol's former band musically as Robert Smith's hairdo circa 2004 has to do with his hairdo circa 1979.”
- J.W. Pope, Paydirt

“Perfect Life is really good. It's way better than any of the other stuff Lol has done since leaving The Cure. Fans of The Cure should give this a try.”
- Daniel Mitchell, Ink 19

“A futuristically retro treat for the next generation.”
- Jonathan Williams, Prick

“The perfect blend of the mechanical and human side of pop music.”
- MishMash

“Tracks like “Sadman”, “Despair” and “Hope” combine Tolhurst’s throwback keys with Levinson’s ethereal vocals and an increased experimentalism.”
- Chris Hassiotis, Flagpole

"Perfect Life...combines Tolhurst's throwback keys with Levinson's ethereal vocals and an increased experimentalism, dipping into bluesy trip-hop and Middle Eastern sounds that will sound familiar to enthusiasts of late-'90s dance like Saint Etienne, Beth Orton and Morcheeba."
- Chris Hassiotis, Flagpole

"Perfect Life is a subtly crafted fusion of retro and modern electronica."
- Spencer Robinson, Virgin Mega Magazine

“Well bloody done! It perfectly distances Lol from The Cure sound of yesteryear and gives him back entirely his own voice and identity, which on a personal level delights me more then anything.”
- Michael Dempsey, Original Cure bassist

"Levinhurst's debut, Perfect Life, is a hip-again, tuneful '80s time tunnel, revisiting the undulating blips of Vince Clark-era Depeche Mode and alienated, thousand-yard-stare Debbie Harry vocals."
- Paul Rogers, LA Weekly

"Forget the cover bands and new-wave nostalgia of "electroclash", Levinhurst is the real deal." Dennis Romero, LA City Beat

"(Perfect Life) is a great modern/retro-ish synth-electro album"
- Marc Urselli-Schaerer, Chaindlk

"I can best liken Levinhurst's sound to that of Gran Turismo-era Cardigans. It's dark, yet tantalizing, with heavy, plodding, electronic beats, and beautiful, almost angelic female vocals."
Daniel Mitchell, Ink 19

Lol Tolhurst has found himself at the end of it all with a perfect life beyond The Cure and Perfect Life is a pleasant surprise.
-Jack Alberson, Fac193

"The meat of most of the tracks themselves are beat heavy, and probably more dance friendly than you would expect."
Mike Whyte - Release